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Darka Successfully Deliver Mobile Crane to Bisha Mining Eritrea

In an extremely difficult logistical exercise, Darka For Trading Services Co., Ltd., successfully delivered an 82 tonne mobile crane from Port Sudan to the Bisha Gold Mine in neighbouring Eritrea. This essential piece of equipment was urgently required by the client and was the first of its kind to be arranged through a Sudanese port using the cross-border transport link with Eritrea.

Total route length was 800 km of which the last 130 km was un-tarmacked road. Bull Dozers and Front Wheel Loaders were used to repair and settle the road as the convoy went through. The Ethiopian terrain varied from rocky highlands to soft desert plains, all of which were equally unpredictable. But thanks to meticulous planning, preparation and skill the convoy arrived at its destination in five days. Darka has once again proved to be a reliable contractor and successfully concluded this urgently needed delivery through hostile and unpredictable terrain. November 2009.

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